Wedding Tips

  • Always go for a Make up Trial
  • Drink plenty of fluid two weeks before wedding to hydrate your skin
  • Stay out of excessive sunlight
  • Have a facial two weeks before
  • Facial and eyebrow sculpturing one week prior to wedding
  • Have a cosmetic bag or purse with touch up makeup on the day of your wedding to be used as needed.
  • Hire your Makeup Artist to come and touch up your makeup after the ceremony
  • Airbrushing

  • Sprays the makeup on your faces with air verses traditional makeup applied by brush or sponge
  • Flawless even skin tone, no smudges
  • Mix makeup to perfectly match your skin tone
  • Lasts over 12 hours without smearing
  • Covers up red or brown spots, scars
  • Better on covering acne
  • Makeup will not clog your pores or dry your skin
  • Air Brushing will give you the extra glow of radiance
  • You will look better in your pictures because high definition cameras pick-up every flaw
  • Allow you to relax during your special day
  • “Xtreme” semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions

  • Single strands of synthetic eyelashes
  • They are curved to be replicate a natural eyelash
  • Weightless
  • A full set consists of approximately 70 lashes
  • I offer many varities of length, color and thickness
  • They are water resistant.  You can shower, exercise and swim in them
  • There is no need for mascara. If you want to wear it I carry the “Xtreme” lash mascara
  • It is a painless procedure required time is approximately 150 minutes or less
  • They shed when your natural lashes shed or need replacing when your natural lash grows
  • You will need a re-lash every two to four weeks depending on the individual


Edith W.       Airbrushing is wonderful.  My skin never looked so flawless.

Suzanne B.   I am beautiful!

Judy K.         My daughter look fabulous at her wedding.  Thank you.

Laura S.       You made me look exactly the way I wanted to look on my wedding day. Thank you.

Chloe L.    
   I loved what you did. I going to use you again for my prom. Tnx

Holly P.         I looked great on our anniversary, my husband couldn't stop telling me all night. Thank you.

Dorothy Z.     I could'nt believe how much younger I looked and felt going to my 20th high school reunion.


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